20-Min-A-Day Reading System

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Teach your child to read faster and better than kids 2-4 Years older than them

This 20-minute Reading System teaches children to read above their grade level and test in the top 98% on state tests. Without paying $20K/yr for Private school or paying 50-80% more for your home so you can live near one of the rare high-performing public schools.

You can be your child's best teacher ever and it doesn't have to be complicated, time-consuming or frustating.

Learn a simple stage-by-stage, step-by-step system where we hold your hand and show you how to start, what to do next, and when to level them up. All while keeping learning fun and engaging. No teaching experience is required.

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A.D. Largie, Author and founder of Kids Read Daily

and creator of the 20-Min-A-DAY Reading System

Hi, my name is A.D. Largie

I am a husband and father of 3 wonderful children. I'm also the author of over 100 children's books available worldwide. In 2020, I founded KIDS READ DAILY, which delivers new children’s books from world-class publishers curated by reader level, age, or grade. I'm very proud to have delivered over 70,000 books to families nationwide to over 6,000+ young readers (and counting).

In 2019, my oldest son's kindergarten teacher told me:

His reading ability was below grade level. Did not meet expectations, and his vocabulary was lacking for his age.

From then on, I made it my sole purpose in life to ensure my son quickly got his grades up by the end of the year. A lot has changed since then.

By age 7

My son was breezing through 4 to 6 chapter books and a few comic books every month.

By age 8

My son tests in the top 98% of all 3rd graders on the state test.

Since 1st grade

My son has been a consistent Honor Roll student.

Reading 20 minutes a day

Has helped my son and many other children develop a lifelong love of reading while increasing their confidence and school performance.

20 Minute A Day Reading System

Course Preview

Stage One (Contains 4 Steps)

Learning Letter Sounds

  • Why letter sounds more critical than letter names
  • Which sounds to start with
  • How many sounds to teach at once
  • What to do when your little one struggles with a sound
  • What types of books to read aloud
  • Which printables and learning resources to use
  • When to move on to blending sounds in words
Stage Two (Contains 1 Step)

Sound Blends

  • Blending spoken sounds (phonemic awareness)
  • Blending written words
  • Teaching two-letter sound blends
  • Which printables and learning resources to use for this stage
  • When to move on to two-letter and three-letter words
  • When to move on to reading books
Stage Three (Contains 1 Step)

Two-letter & Three-Letter Words

  • Reading Two letter words
  • Teaching CVC words
  • Reading three-letter words
  • Mastering Phonics
  • Which printables and learning resources to use for this stage
  • The most common two-letter words
  • Which level books to select for your child at this stage
Stage Four (Contains 4 Step)

CVC Words and Sight Words

  • Which are the most commonly used words in English that do not follow phonics rules
  • Which are the most commonly used words in reading and writing
  • Teaching high-frequency words taught in preschool through third grade
  • Which are the most common words used in children's books
  • Teaching service words
  • Which vowels to start with
  • Mastering short and long vowel sounds
  • Which printables and learning resources to use for this stage
  • Keeping your child engaged
  • How to test your child's reading level at home
Stage Five (Contains 4 Step)

Reading By Sight & Sound

  • Blending Three and four-letter sounds
  • Which "tricky" words to teach
  • How to teach more advanced sounds
  • When to allocate more time for reading
  • What to do before your child starts reading a book
  • How to use questions to encourage your child
  • When and how to provide cues to prevent reading mistakes
  • How to correct mistakes without discouraging your child
  • What is the correct amount of help should you give when your child is reading
  • How to choose the right books for your little one
  • When to move from picture books to chapter books
  • How to choose the optimal book levels and types of books for your child.
  • When to upgrade your child's reading level

Here is what's included

  • Your own copy of our book and audiobook bundle ($44 value)
  • Lifetime access to the course and online portal ($497 value)
  • Access our custom-trained A.I. reading coach in your back pocket to answer any questions and create personalized daily reading plans just for your child or for each of your children from our built-in A.I. ($240/year value)
  • Fully stocked library of helpful downloads and printables for each stage and step. ($197/value)
  • Engaging 20-minute-a-day, stage-by-stage, step-by-step curriculum.
  • Breakdown of the exact time requirements for each step
  • Clear and concise goals for each step so you know exactly when it's time to move to the next step
  • Private Members only community
  • Gold standard customer support to answer all your questions.
  • Progress tracker as you complete each step
  • All future updates and upgrades included
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Total Value = $978

Parent to parent

I know first-hand how busy your schedule and how long your to-do list is, and I've designed the 20-minute reading system for families like yours.

  • Easy Access
  • Simply time-saving approach
  • Everything included

Teaching your child to read does not have to be costly, complicated, time-consuming, and frustrating.

The 20-minute reading system was created so your child can start reading to you sooner rather than later.

Try it risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

100% Moneyback Guarantee

Teach your child to read early and set them up for a lifetime of success!

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