Kids who read just 20 minutes per day

Test better, read better, know more, write better, have a wider vocabulary, feel more confident, and succeed easily in school and life.

We offer

A Simple 20-minute system That Enables Any Parent To Teach Their Child To Read Faster and Better Than Kids 2-4 Years older than them -- For 2-9 year olds.

Just 20-Min-A-DAY can accelerate your child's success in both school and life.

  • More than 60% of America's fourth graders are not proficient in reading.
  • One-third of all 4th-grade students in the United States can't read at a basic level.
  • Only 53.6% of students are proficient on state exams.
  • You must pay $20,000/year for private school or pay 50-80% more for your home to live near one of the rare, high-performing schools so your child can receive an adequate school education.

Teaching your child to read as early as possible :

  • Score in the 90th percentile on standardized tests.
  • Adds an extra 7,192 new vocabulary words by just reading 20 minutes each day.
  • Ensures their quiz scores never fall below 71-82%.
  • Get A's on their first report card
  • Make the honor roll
  • Graduate early with honors
  • Get college scholarships
  • Prepare for a lucrative, ultra-successful career and live happy, fulfilling lives.

Don't leave your child's entire future and success in life up to the education system alone. Instead, you can be the best teacher your child will ever have.

Hi, my name is A.D. Largie.

I am a husband and father of 3 wonderful children. I'm also the author of over 100 children's books available worldwide.

In 2020, I founded KIDS READ DAILY, a company that delivers new children’s books from world-class publishers curated by reader level, age, or grade. I'm very proud to have delivered over 70,000 books to families all around the country to over 6,000+ young readers. (and counting)

In 2019, I was shocked when my son's kindergarten teacher said he was below grade level in reading. I knew I had to help him quickly. After researching how kids learn to read, I realized memorizing "sight words" and alphabet names wasn't effective. Kids need to learn the sounds each letter makes and blend them into words.

I started practicing reading with my son for just 20 minutes a day. In a month, he went from the bottom of his class to the top! Other parents then asked me to share my method.

I've since perfected my methods into the 20-minute-a-day reading system. Created to help any teach their child to read, even as young as 2. I can't wait to share it with you and see the wonders it can do for your young reader.

A.D. Largie

Author and founder of Kids Read Daily and creator of the 20-Min-A-Day Reading System

Why you can be your child's best teacher ever!

  • You know your child better than anyone else
  • Your child admires you, and you adore your child.
  • No teacher, regardless of how qualified, will teach your child as well as you can.
  • Even on your worst day, you are the top teacher for your child. Because you know your child better than anyone else.
  • The 20-Minutes-A-Day Reading System equips you to maximize the teacher you already are when teaching your child to read.

Now, you can use this PROVEN

20-Minute System to teach your child to read faster and better than kids 2-4 years older than them --- even as young as 2. To give them the best head start to succeed in school and life.

Get your digital copy of The 20-Minute System Playbook and Audiobook Bundle delivered to your inbox right away. Within 60 seconds after purchase, you can start discovering how to

fast-track your child just like I did.

Free Reading Workshop

Get an introduction to this 20-Minute Reading System have children reading above their grade level and testing in the top 90% on State Tests. In just 20 minutes, you'll learn:

  • The fastest & easiest way to teach a child to read at home, even as young as 2 (Even if right now they can't say their ABCs)
  • The simple yet effective hack to teach a child first and the exact order to introduce more advanced concepts ensures your child learns to read fast, regardless of age.
  • PROVEN 20-Minute a day FORMULA that makes it easy for a child to test in the top 90th percentile on standardized tests for the rest of their school years.
  • The 20-minute reading system that adds an extra 7,192 new vocabulary words for kids who use it and guarantees their quiz scores never fall below 71-82%.

If you want to teach your child to read, you can do so in just 20 minutes daily.

You don't need teaching experience. You don't need a lot of time. It doesn't have to be frustrating. You can actually do it in a fun and engaging way.

We have you covered, from teaching alphabet phonics, and letter sound blends to when to introduce, sight words and reading comprehension strategies. Comes embedded with our custom-trained A.I. reading coach so you never miss a step.

This is not some long-drawn-out video course that you will never complete. The 20-Min-A-Day system is concise, flexible, and convenient so that you can fit it into your busy schedule and begin teaching your child to read early, right now!

Kids Book Club: For Young Readers

Books personalized by age/grade for all reading levels

Kids book club designed for families learning at home. New books are delivered monthly and personalized by reading level, age, and grade.

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